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Dave's New York Deer Hunting Tips 

Anne and I have a lot to learn about deer hunting in New York, especially when it comes to hunting mature whitetail deer.  However, we have taken a few mature whitetail bucks with these strategies which is why I am passing them onto you as 'Dave's NY deer hunting tips.'  Perhaps one or two of them can work for your deer hunting program.

New York deer hunting tip #1

Lake Ontario NY deer huntingPractice shooting - a lot - and mostly at 10 to 40 yards. If you want to harvest a big buck deer hunting in New York, your best opportunities will most likely be in thick cover where the maximum visibility is 40 yards.  Therefore, when you see one, he'll be close.  Shoot a powerful rifle, single shot preferred, with a muzzle brake and a high quality scope. (Even though you are shooting a short distance the scope improves your aim and helps to pick out holes in the thick brush.) When you know you have only one shot you will seldom miss.  And if you do, the deer movement will not shut down.  Quality deer hunting is usually over once the automatics blaze away, unloading their clip.

New York deer hunting tip #2

Lake Ontario NY deer huntingBe patient.  Shoot at standing deer only; let running deer go by.  Stop walking deer with a  bleat or grunt call.  You have a better chance of hitting where you are aiming, resulting in a clean kill, when a deer is standing still.  Quality deer hunting is a clean, single shot kill.

New York deer hunting tip #3

deer hiding in sanctuary, Lake Ontario NY deer huntingScout your deer hunting areas early.  The best scouting for deer hunting in New York is in the spring before green up.  In early spring, last seasons deer sign is still quite visible and the deer aren't so jumpy.  Scouting for deer sign in the fall scares the deer away, and most likely from the area that you were about to discover would be your most likely chosen hunting spot.  Bucks are creatures of habit.  They hang in certain spots year after year which is their  sanctuary.   If pressured, they leave their sanctuary and develop a new one.

New York deer hunting tip #4

hunting stand for east wind, Lake Ontario NY deer huntinghunting stand for west wind, Lake Ontario NY deer huntingCheck the wind.  We are all aware of the keen noses that deer have.  Not only is our personal scent against us, when deer hunting, nature can be  against us too.  Check the wind condition before heading to your stand.  You can sneak in and be perfectly still and do everything right but if the wind is blowing even slightly towards where the deer are ..... you're busted.  And the deer seem to remember that that spot has a hunter.  There is a fair amount of wind in and around Lake Ontario, NY.   This makes deer hunting tricky  especially as you move inland where it is hillier.  If a perfect setup does not produce it is likely that you are experiencing swirling air currents.  Carry something (i.e. surveyors tape or a bottle of ashes) with you to help determine the direction of the wind.  Change your deer hunting site so the wind is in your favor.  On the days where wind comes from two or more directions (and it can) go fishing and leave deer hunting for a better day.

New York deer hunting tip #5

Have an alternative deer hunting plan.   What do you do when you get to your hunting spot and you see a car parked in 'your' hunting spot?  If it's private land and you're the only one with deer hunting permission - throw the bum out (be sure to get his/her name and address and report him/her to the DEC.)  But if you're deer hunting New York state land, respect the other hunter's right to be there and be grateful you planned for an alternative hunting spot and go there.  Besides, it is difficult enough to sneak in and to not disturb the deer let alone trying to sneak in after someone else.  And what do you know about the other deer hunter?  He or she could be the loudest, smelliest hunter alive and the area could be now blown for the day or longer.

New York deer hunting tip #6

Use ground blinds.  It is old style hunting that still produces.  Often that perfect tree isn't perfect.  The canopy is too thick; the wind is wrong; the tree is right on the trail; there is no tree!  No problem.  A few well placed sticks and grasses are all you need to conceal slight movement.  NY deer hunting archery season is best hunted from trees but for rifle and muzzleloader seasons, hunt on the ground.  And the best part - you won't worry about falling out of your ground blind!  Naturally, create blinds well in advance of the season not repeating last years locations.

New York deer hunting tip #7

Be scent conscience.  Get to your stand early to give your scent time to dissipate somewhat.  Wear rubber bottom boots.  Plan your entry route to your stand noting which trails lead into the deer's sanctuary and which ones lead out.  Carefully walk a route that will keep you from crossing over a trail that a good buck might be using.  To determine which deer trails to consider reread tip #3.

I hope this is a benefit to you.  Anne and I follow these guidelines and they work for us.  We hope they work as well for you.

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Our Lake Ontario cottage are three waterfront cottage rentals in New York State.  Guests return each year to enjoy family vacations, family reunion vacations, fishing NYs famous Salmon River, fishing Lake Ontario and Sandy Pond, hunting New York Deer, ducks, geese and wild turkey and to photograph diverse scenery of NYs Salmon River, Sandy Pond and Lake Ontario.  We New York!

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