Vacation at Lake Ontario Cottage Rentals, Sandy Pond, New York

Vaction at Sandy Pond NY, Lake Ontario cottage rental, near Salmon River Pulaski, NY

NY Lake Ontario cottage rental

Comfortable lodging 10 minutes from Salmon River, Pulaski, NY

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Dave's NY Turkey Hunting Tips 

    There are three strategies that contribute to consistent New York turkey hunting success for us, and it can be summed up as:  sneak in; don't call much; stay put!  ny turkey hunting

    Wild turkeys sometimes respond to calls immediately.  That makes it seem like walking and calling until you get an answer is a good strategy.  Do that and 95% of the wild turkeys get spooked.  Many wild turkeys sneak in a little before answering, often just in time to see a walking hunter walking away.  To prove it to your self have your turkey hunting partner walk and call the edge of a field while you hide 100 yards in the woods.  You can see him easily but he can't see you.   Since wild turkeys have better hearing and eyesight than humans and sometimes act smarter, the walk and call strategy is often a New York turkey hunting flop.

     Plan up to 3 possible stand sites and setup blinds ahead of time.  Before 1st light sneak in to your stand.  Use knolls, valleys and thick hedgerows to conceal your travel on the way to your stand.  Let the woods calm down from your entry. Wait ten minutes or more into first light or after you get to your stand before calling.   Let out a few calls and wait fifteen minutes or more before calling again.  If a turkey answers your call, answer back once.  From then on don't call much  Even if you don't get an answer stay put, a turkey may be silently on its way.  Resist the urge to call frequently.  If there is no action for an hour or more you may think it's time to move.  Remember during much of the morning 50% of the turkeys are naturally moving somewhat toward you from somewhere, so resist the urge to move and stay put.  Wait another hour.  If you must move, sneak in to your next pre-set up site don't call much and stay put!  Remember, you will get the most enjoyment out of hunting turkey in New York if you sneak in; don't call much; stay put! 

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Our Lake Ontario cottage are three waterfront cottage rentals in New York State.  Guests return each year to enjoy family vacations, family reunion vacations, fishing NYs famous Salmon River, fishing Lake Ontario and Sandy Pond, hunting New York Deer, ducks, geese and wild turkey and to photograph diverse scenery of NYs Salmon River, Sandy Pond and Lake Ontario.  We New York!

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