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Venison Recipes   

     Anne and I really enjoy cooking and eating venison.  When we began seriously deer hunting in New York we had a lot of deer meat (venison) to eat and we were getting bored with the few recipes we had.  So we took up hunting for venison recipes.  We now have quite a few delicious venison recipes and we thought it would be fun to share our favorites with you.  We are always looking for another way to cook venison so we have added a form to the bottom of this page so that you can share your culinary triumphs with our visitors and us.  We will regularly add to the recipes so check in often and ENJOY!

Venison Rollups

    The deer loin* that is taken from the neck is narrow and difficult to cook because it tapers making it  unsuitable as a roast or steak.  This piece works well for this recipe but you can use other sections of the loin as well.

lb. Venison loin 
Onion powder
Brown sugar
Worchester sauce

    Trim all fat and silver skin from venison loin.  Cut across loin making pieces  thick or less, 1 wide and 1 long.  Generously sprinkle pieces with onion powder, pepper, brown sugar and Worchester sauce.  Let marinate while performing next step.   In frying pan cook bacon until it is half cooked, frying it on both sides.  Bacon should still be slightly  wiggly.  Remove from pan and blot grease.  Roll up venison pieces and wrap just enough bacon around venison to barely overlap the ends. Trim off excess bacon.  Secure bacon with a toothpick.  Continue rolling and wrapping until all venison is used.  Preheat frying pan on medium high.  Place rollups in pan and cook for about 2 minutes or until bacon is crispy. Flip rollups and cook another minute, crisping bacon.  Serve immediately.

    Cooking times vary depending on taste.  If the bacon is not done enough for your taste or if the venison is over cooked, pre cook the bacon longer next time.  This will reduce the amount of time needed to cook the rollups.  If cooking for a large crowd, the rollups can be cooked in the broiler.  

It is critical that the venison not be over cooked!

Dave Whalen, Sandy Creek, NY

*Loin refers to the piece taken from the back nearest the back bone and runs from the neck to the rump.

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Our Lake Ontario cottage are three waterfront cottage rentals in New York State.  Guests return each year to enjoy family vacations, family reunion vacations, fishing NYs famous Salmon River, fishing Lake Ontario and Sandy Pond, hunting New York Deer, ducks, geese and wild turkey and to photograph diverse scenery of NYs Salmon River, Sandy Pond and Lake Ontario.  We New York!

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