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Fishin for Kids            

NY Lake Ontario fishing for Kids

    The dock is the funnest place at camp. (Parents call it cottage but us kids call it camp.)  Docks are magic to us.  Docks are magic to fish too.  For us kids the best fishing on Lake Ontario is off the dock.  Sometimes us kids catch more fish in Sandy Pond off the dock than the adults do in Salmon River or Lake Ontario. (We beat them a lot.)  If you prepare for it, you can be catchin fish within seconds of getting to camp.

Kids Lake Ontario Fishing tip #1packed for fishing at lake ontario NY

    Pack your fishin pole, life preserver, bait bucket and bait last when you pack the car, then it's the first stuff  to unpack when you get to camp.  You could be fishing for giant Lake Ontario and Sandy Pond fish within seconds of your arrival.

    Lake Ontario and Sandy Pond grow monster size fish and many swim by our dock.  While fish up to 30 lbs.  feed around your dock,  a light pole  with 6 or 8 lb. test line will catch most of the fish.  You will likely catch lots of fish every day.

Kids Lake Ontario Fishing tip #2

    Bring a plastic pail to keep the fish alive after you catch them.  Since you can't eat all the fish you catch, you will be letting many of them go.  It is fun to look at them for a while first.

    Most us kids fish with a bobber, a worm and a small sinker..  we use small hooks.  they work the best and they're safer than lures.  Our favorite bait is worms.bait for fishing lake ontario ny and sandy pond

Kids Lake Ontario Fishing tip #3

      Bring lots of worms.  A zillion will do.  Some kids use 100 worms a day.  It is a good idea to pack a flashlight and extra batteries incase you use up all your bait and need to find more crawlers.

    Many of the monster size fish come to the dock at dusk or just after dark.  So do the mosquitoes. 

Lake ontario NY mosquitoKids Lake Ontario Fishing tip #4

    Make sure your parents know how to light a smoky fire and bring bug repellant to keep those pesky mosquitoes away.

    The funnest of all the fish to catch from the dock is the monster bowfin.  It looks like a 2 foot pollywog with big ugly teeth. It pulls hard and splashes a lot.  The bowfin hits at dusk or after dark.  sometimes its sharp teeth bites through the line. 

Kids Lake Ontario Fishing tip #5

    Bring wire leaders - 8 to 20 lb. test, about 10 inches long.  Use these at night so the bowfin can't bite your line off. 

    the bowfin is very strong.  Once a kid left his fishin pole laying on the dock with the line dangling over the side.  Then the kid went to the campfire to roast a marshmallow.  while he wasn't watchin a giant bowfin pulled the line and dragged the pole right into the water and swam away with it.  He never saw the pole again.  The bowfin probably swam across the Pond and maybe all the way to Lake Ontario, even. Sandy Pond/Lake Ontario NY fishing rod stealing bowfin

Kids Lake Ontario Fishing tip #6

    Never trust a bowfin.  He will steal your fishin pole if he gets a chance.

    The bowfins lurk around the docks looking for wounded or dead sunfish.  Dead sunfish are the best bait to use to catch a bowfin.  The bowfin is strong.  With one munch he crushes a sunfish in his powerful jaws.  The sunfish looks like a railroad train ran it over after a bowfin bites it.

Kids Lake Ontario Fishing tip #7

Fishing Lake Ontario NY    Watch out for you hands,  Keep them away from the bowfins teeth.  Get your parents to take the hook out.  take his picture and let him go.  Anything as mean and ugly as a bowfin can't taste good.

    Salmon are bigger and stronger than bowfin and they got teeth too.  Parents Like to go Salmon fishing in Lake Ontario and in Salmon River.  If they make you go you need to be ready.  Salmon are tricky!  they can break your line in a second and they can untie your knots so they can swim away.  They're waaaay too big for a regular net and they're so heavy they can break the handle.

Kids Lake Ontario Fishing tip #8

    Bring special stuff  for Lake Ontario fishing. Fill your reels with 15 to 20 lb. test line.  Use cross lock swivels tied on with a clinch knot plus* Get a Lake Ontario fishing net.  (They sell them up here if you can't find one at home.)  

    One thing you will notice really quick when adults go fishing on Lake Ontario or Salmon River is that they stay out a long time.  If they don't catch anything they stay out even longer.  This is tough on kids 'cuz they know that back at the dock the fish are hitting like crazy.

Kids Lake Ontario Fishing tip #9NY Lake ontario fishing is for kids too

NY Lake Ontario fishing is for grown ups too    Help your parents catch fish.  Go to bed early so you can wake up early so you can be on the water before daylight.  Whether you're fishing Lake Ontario or Salmon river, the fish are up early and most hungry the first 3 hours of daylight.  (pssst I have a fishin secret - Fishing Lake Ontario or Salmon River the first 3 hours of daylight catches more fish than the whole rest of the day.)  As soon as you catch your first fish put the same lure on all the rods and set them to the same depth.  And if you keep catchin fish remember to use the same stuff tomorrow.  Helpin your parents get their limit will get you back to the dock on sandy pond quicker, where the real action is. 

    Now that you're back at the dock there's another lake ontario fishing secret to tell.  Giant Carp!  They weigh 40 lbs and some of them may be as tall as you.  They cruise the shallows eating mostly plants.  When they find the right food they will eat there a long time.  They are hard to catch cuz they feel the weight of the hook and drop it before you have a chance to hook 'em.  Also it's hard to put a plant on a hook to use as bait.

Kids Lake Ontario Fishing tip #10NY Sandy Pond fishing on dock

    Carp like corn!  Ask mom if she'll get you a can of corn. (green giant whole kernel corn is the best.)  What I like to do is sprinkle some corn at the shoreline every day.  The carp will find it and feed near shore. (I don't do this around the dock 'cuz the carp are to heavy to get up on the dock.)  To catch 'em use a small hook and a slip sinker tied to your 6 - 8 lb. test line.  This will trick the carp cuz it won't be able to feel the weight.  I like to place my pole in a fork stick so I can do other stuff while waitin for a carp to bite.  I leave the bail on my reel open so the carp can't steal my pole just like bowfin do.  When fishin for carp, it's a good idea to wear your life preserver even if you're on land.  If you hook into a strong carp it might pull you in the water a few feet.

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*clinch knot plus - through the eye of the hook 2 times, then wrap 6 times around the line and then back through the bottom two loops at the eye.  Be sure you lick the knot before you pull it tight. back to tip #8

Our Lake Ontario cottage are three waterfront cottage rentals in New York State.  Guests return each year to enjoy family vacations, family reunion vacations, fishing NYs famous Salmon River, fishing Lake Ontario and Sandy Pond, hunting New York Deer, ducks, geese and wild turkey and to photograph diverse scenery of NYs Salmon River, Sandy Pond and Lake Ontario.  We New York!

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